Statutory rape is a very serious criminal offense in Minnesota. It is defined as the act of a legal adult having sexual intercourse with a person under the age of consent. In Minnesota, the age of consent is 16-years-old. For example, if someone 20 years of age has sex with a teenager under 16 years old, they could be charged with statutory rape.

While there are some cases where the statutory rape penalties are not as serious, such as when a person under 16 years old has sex with someone close to their age that is older than the age of consent, there may still be consequences. Nonetheless, the age differential in the state is three years if the victim is under 13 years old and four years if the victim is between the ages of 13 and 16. For the 20 year old having sex with the 15 year old, the act is illegal and is defined as statutory rape.

If you have been accused of statutory rape, it is your right to defend yourself against the charges. Even if the age differential is in the acceptable range, you still want an experienced Mankato criminal defense attorney by your side, advocating for you and showing the facts on your behalf.

Valuable Sex Crime Representation

There are several different degrees of sexual conduct offenses. Which one you are charged with depends on the circumstances. For instance, first degree sexual conduct consists of sexual intercourse with an underage individual against their will or by a person in a position of authority. Second degree sexual conduct may also involve a person of authority. Third degree sexual conduct may involve a person of authority who is more than four years older than the victim. Fourth degree sexual conduct may involve an individual in a position of authority, but the victim may be under the age of 18 but older than 16 years of age.

Regardless of the charge, we present you with valuable sex offense representation that is aggressive, skilled, and designed to obtain the best possible result.

Creating Legitimate Defenses

It is important that a legitimate defense is used in your case. Unfortunately, stating that you did not know the age of the underage individual is not considered a legitimate defense unless there is solid proof that the underage individual tricked you. What is a legitimate defense is the age differential. If it is shown that the age difference is within the acceptable range, then the end result will be much more satisfactory in the case.

What you can count on is receiving a defense from a Southern Minnesota criminal defense attorney that is designed to get the best possible result for you. This is so you can put the matter behind you in the best way possible so you can move on with your life.

Contact A Mankato Criminal Defense Lawyer

Statutory rape is an aggressively prosecuted crime in Minnesota, which means the prosecution is not going to hold back in any way when trying to secure a conviction. If you have been charged with statutory rape, it is best to defend your interests and your future with the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney. At Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., we will work with you to defend those interests. To learn more about your rights and options, call us at 507-625-5000 for a an initial consultation.