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Using the Internet is certainly no crime in itself, but the Internet as a means to commit other crimes is a rising phenomenon. More often than ever before, people are able to commit serious felonies and misdemeanors, without even leaving the house, through the Internet. From sex crimes to domestic assault and white collar crimes like fraud and money laundering, an Internet crime charge is a serious problem with serious potential criminal consequences. Many times people are unaware that an off hand comment via e-mail or visiting a certain website can be crime.

At the Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd., we have a wealth of experience in this area. As former prosecutors, our Mankato Internet crime attorneys have seen our share of Internet-based criminal cases. We understand how the state will prosecute your case, so we have a strategic edge when it comes to defending you against these charges.

Being charged with an Internet crime charge is a serious problem. We solve problems.

The Two Main Types of Internet Crimes

There is a wide variety of Internet and other technology-based crimes. At Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office, we can represent you in these, but we focus our criminal defense practice in a particular way on assault and sex crime charges coming from use of the Internet.

  • Assault and domestic threats: This is where our criminal law and family law practice areas converge. In most cases, a husband and wife will get into a heated argument, and one will send the other an e-mail or text saying something like “I ought to kill you” or something along those lines. This can be construed as domestic assault or even a terroristic threat which is a felony. We can handle both the criminal defense and the family law implications of this type of case.
  • Sex crimesChild pornography is becoming increasingly common in this area. Looking at pornography on the Internet or receiving a text message with sexual pictures — called “sexting” — could lead to child pornography charges without the accused ever knowing the age of the subjects involved. We handle sexting defense cases commonly as a juvenile defense, as well as solicitation of a minor, indecent exposure and other sex crime charges stemming from the Internet. The punishment for Internet sex crimes is often times nearly unimaginable, decades of prison for even a first time offense.

We also handle Internet crime cases that involve:

  • Fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Identity theft
  • Cyber-stalking

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