Severe Penalties for Minnesota Drug Crimes

The Minnesota legislature takes drug crimes very seriously. Most people facing drug charges for the first time in this area are quite surprised to learn how much is at stake in defending against these charges:

  • Prison time: Cocaine possession is a particularly serious offense, bringing up to 86 months in prison for a first offense. Sale of cocaine or marijuana will bring felony charges, as well.
  • Fines and loss of property: It is common for the county attorney to seize the house, car and other possessions of someone accused of drug crimes. If someone used any money received from a drug deal to pay the mortgage, for example, that house could be seen as the fruits of a criminal enterprise and seized as a result.
  • Destroyed reputation: Once a criminal conviction for a drug-related charge is firmly fixed to your record, your prospects for landing a good job are greatly diminished.

Drug charges could be the harbinger of the end of your life as you know it. Hire us. Both of our partner Mankato Drug Crime Attorneys have worked as criminal prosecutors, so we know how to defend you against these charges.

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College Kids and Drug Crimes | Solving Problems for Parents

It is a common story: kids grow up and go to college, and the first time they are on their own they start dabbling in drugs and get into trouble. Drug charges, whether filed in adult court or juvenile court, can be disastrous for college students and their parents. On top of the severe criminal penalties and the limitations that the charges bring to a child’s career prospects, most schools will discipline the student, as well, with loss of scholarship or expulsion and suspension being common results. We represent students and parents of students who have been charged with drug crimes in any of the local colleges:

  • Minnesota State University — Mankato
  • Bethany Lutheran College
  • Rasmussen College
  • South Central College
  • Gustavus Adolphus College

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If you are facing drug charges, the results could be tragic, or minimal, all depending on your choice of defense counsel. We feel confident that a simple meeting with one of our lawyers will provide you with enough understanding about the criminal justice process, as well as your rights and options, to give you some new hope as to the possibility of minimizing the damages that these charges could have on your life.

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