Why Hire An Attorney Immediately?

Why Do I Need To Hire An Attorney? If you are being investigated for a crime or if you have been arrested and have charges pending, you have one of two options; put your head in the sand and hope that nothing will come of it, or hire a lawyer and come up with a… Read more »

Unusual Punishment

For some judges, prison sentences or fines just don’t always seem like quite the right punishment. After a former judge was tried and convicted of theft, the sentencing judge came up with a novel punishment: the convicted judge would be required to write apologies for her crimes, on photographs of her wearing handcuffs. The photographs… Read more »

Woman + Python = Car Crash

What do you get when you wrap a twenty-two year old woman’s neck with a python?  A really bad case of firehouse property destruction.  Weird cases happen more often than you might think, and the case of Sara Espinosa, the woman who is alleged to have stolen a snake, and crashed into a firehouse while… Read more »

Oscar Pistorius – Guilty or Guiltless?

People often ask the question: “How could anyone defend someone who did something like that?” in reference to a popular case in the news.  Oftentimes the answer is easy, because there will be so much reasonable doubt in a case that it seems more likely that someone else is more likely the guilty party. Other… Read more »

Do NOT Represent Yourself

If there is one thing you should never compromise, it’s your legal defense.  Yet, it is something that hundreds of thousands of people do each year.  It’s called pro se legal representation, and in the United States it is a huge problem.  According the NCSC (otherwise known as the National Center for State Courts), pro… Read more »

Wrongful Conviction Is Systemic

Wrongful conviction happens more often than you might think.  So often that innocent clients have a lot to be afraid of, and even more reasons to hire an attorney now that public defense offices are becoming more and more swamped.  However, the fact is that while we would love to have an overly positive result… Read more »