Can A Judge Get Suspended?

The short answer is yes they can.  A lot of people believe once a Judge is elected they are immune from any sort of discipline or even accountability, accept for reelection every 6 years.  But as this new article shows, that’s not the case. In this case a sitting Minnesota Judge played a bit fast… Read more »

Not your idea? Entrapment defenses under federal and Minnesota law

The concept of entrapment generally brings to mind complex schemes, undercover police work, and plot-twists worthy of a Hollywood movie.  But entrapment can be a serious, real defense to criminal charges where a police officer or other government agent has induced a citizen to commit a crime.  If you are in this situation, read on… Read more »

Fast Lane To Justice: Your right to a speedy trial in Minnesota

Speedy Trial Rights in Minnesota The right to a speedy trial isn’t one of the most appealing-sounding rights out there. It can sound almost like it’s simply the “right” to have your trial and potential fine and/or prison sentence handed down sooner. But, you shouldn’t discount this right entirely if you’ve recently been charged with… Read more »

Does A Non-Court Appointed Lawyer Make Difference? Rand Study Says Yes.

Recently a study by the Rand Corporation looked at this issue recently by examing the results of 3,173 murder cases in Philadelphia from 1994-2005.  Rand Corp. seemed to think the results were suprising, but I think everyone in the justice system really wasn’t too shocked. FIrst, the study, the question Rand wanted to address does… Read more »

Gun Regulations: Minnesota Firearm Laws

Keeping in line with gun regulations: Minnesota firearm laws Spring turkey huntingis coming up, and the nice early warm weather is making outdoor shooting ranges more enticing than they would be in your average March.  If you’re thinking about buying a gun, or if you already own one and you want to make sure you’re keeping… Read more »